Custom Reporting Template Help- How to get end of day long/short amount in a report

Here is a shift report that was created. My question is how do we get an end of day total long/short from all shifts and from all terminals?

>User|Start|End|Starting Cash|Cash Sales|Short or Over|State|[I]Indentifier|Cash Count|Terminal
	=F([TSC.Start Cash]),
	TSC.Over Short,
	TSC.Cash Count,
:(TST=Shift) and T.Completed=True}

Please Advise.

Are you wanting a total for the Short or Over columns? I see you are using a table view report. If you right click on the body of the report and select View Editor, then search for Total (this can be done in the Reports module viewer-not under management). Put a checkmark in the ShowTotalSummary row/column.

Close the View Editor.
You will now have a new blank row underneath your report. Right click under the column you want totaled and select Sum
You can also use the Customize option to customize the text and other options.

Important When you are done editing the report, right click in the body and select Save Changes. If you do not do this step, you will have to redo everything again when you exit away from the report. However, if you want to explore and try different options and afraid you might mess something up, you can not save changes, exit away from the report and enter back into the report and start over.