Custom reporting

Hi all,

new comer here, i am setting up for a friend to start using samba pos for his business. i am very new to samba and don’t have much experience in SQL (make that none experience,)

in this country we have items that have 18% taxes and others 0% so i have created a tax template for 18% and added to items accordingly.

i need some advice from you fellow experts in creating custom reports for my friend.

i need to show total sales for items that carry the 18% and total of items that carry 0% separate

Total sales that carry tax = 1000
Tax 18% = 180
Grand total = 1180

Total sales that do not carry tax= 500
Tax 0% = 0
Grand total = 500

Total = 1180 + 500

hope i was clear for you guys and i thank you in advance