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I posted a question a while back asking how to change printer template for the accounts screen. I was informed it wasn’t possible as it was hard coded and advised to create a custom report.

I am just looking for the selected customers account balance so I can print it off or email it. I have no idea how to generate the report. Would anyone have an example of a simple report like this to get me started.

This tutorial should help.

Could you tell how to create an Automation command button in the account screen?

Could someone give me an example report of how to get outstanding Customer balance. I’m struggling with Custom Reports. :confused:

Show us what you have tried so far. We can help spot the problem.

I haven’t done anything only {ACCOUNT TOTAL:Scott-4555555555}which gives me the balance of that account. I would have have to add a report for each account using it that way. What I would like to do is create a report that will show me outstanding balance and maybe all transactions. When that account is selected run the report and it will give me results for that account only. Is this possible?

I would also like to run a report to show all outstanding accounts. Should I be reading up on SQL scripting to achieve above or would Custom Report tags achieve it. A lot of the reports I’ve seen here are for stock and employee. I’m just finding it hard to get my head around it.

I want to learn to how do it myself I don’t expect anyone to write reports for me but if someone could give me a small example of any of the reports I’ve mentioned it might push me in the right direction.

Did you tried creating a custom account screen?

Accounts > Account Screens > Add Account Screen…

… and create something like that.

You can also add automation command buttons on this screen to perform actions on selected accounts.

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Yes I have that done but I want to be able to email and print a customer their balance. I was told I would have to create a report to do this and attach the report to the account screen as the print button is hard coded.

Yes you would. But based on account you can tell it which report to print when you select an account. I will demonstrate. Give me a few minutes to prepare demonstration.

Create an Automation Command button

Create an Account Screen for Customers Accounts like what Emre showed above put your automation command button here and select Account for Command Parameter

Create a Print Account Transactions action use [:Account Id] as Account Id Parameter

Create the following rule:

Now when you go to your accounts screen and select an account and press your print button you just made it will print only for that selected account the balance and transactions based on date filter you set for the screen.

Was watching closely as it has to do with Customer Accounts. When you said use “Account” for the Command parameter - where would you find references to the parameters to use? It’s probably because it 12.11am and have been working on our old dog POS system for a client and just can’t see clear (through my red eyes)… :tired_face:

Click on the drop down and look at them :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh really, that’s it I going to bed! :open_mouth: Thanks Mate…

Thanks this is what I was looking for. Is it possible to change printer from Ticket Printer or should I just create another printer for my receipts etc.

You can change it. I use invoice printer. Go to settings and terminal. Select your terminal and set the report printer.

Great, thanks for that.

The Print account Transactions Template is hard-coded right? Is it possible to create a custom report with the same results as the Print account Transactions? I would like to include the Ticket ID

Are you talking about the Print button from Accounts Screen? Can you show a screenshot of what you mean?

Yes that is hard coded.

You can create a report of anything.

PS: Create a new post use v5 Question category and title It Custom Report Help and then describe in detail what kind of report you want and what you want in it and how you want it to look.

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Can Community please check this report I want to see only customer list with balances , in this report its showing all customers.


[Customer Balances:2,2,3, 2]
{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:EC.Customer Name,E.Name,EC.Address,E.Balance:(ET=Customers) && E.AccountId>0:::$4!=0}

Same I have tips and cashout report showing all tickets if I select a month which shows 100’s of tickets only related tickets I need thanks.


[Cash Outs by Tickets:1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,]
>Ticket Number|Date|Time|Cashout Amount|Service Amount|Orders Amount|Total Amount|Payment Type
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TicketNumber,T.Date,T.Time,CA.Cash Out,CA.Service,=[T.TotalAmount]-[CA.Cash Out]-[CA.Service],T.TotalAmount,TT.PT2:(TS.Status=Paid)}

[Payment Totals:1, 1]
Eftpos Total: |${REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=Eftpos)}
Cash Total: |${REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=Cash)}
Cash Out Total: |${REPORT CALCULATION TOTAL:(CT=Cash Out)}
>TOTAL:|${ACCOUNT TOTAL:Payment Accounts}

As I’ve explained on your previous question you’re missing “.sum” in field name (E.Balance). Please check my previous example on your other topic.

Please format your posts properly while adding templates. Without formatting it is really hard to read. I’m fixing this one for you.

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