Custom Reports Notes

Not a proper tutorial yet but wanted to put pen to paper documenting as I learn to help others as cant find a full list of fields/tags, expressions and possibilities :slightly_smiling:
Will be an ongoing post and any/all input welcome.
I will try and incorporate input into a full list/details.

Reserved for list of report tags, potential uses, example reports.


Calculating within fields
You can create calculation fields using multiple fields and or fixed values.
A basic example;
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:=[TT.Covers.Sum]/[T.TicketNumber.Count]:(TEC.Tables.Area=$1) AND (TS.Status=Paid)}

This is from a restaurant statistics report I’m building although not complete in the screenshot.
It will provide a list of tickets for each section of the restaurant and bar with details on each ticket.
At the bottom of each section I plan to have a break down of statistics for orders per ticket as well as spend per head and ticket etc.

Begin the field with ‘=’ to show its a calculation then as in above example using = [ <field.a> ] / [ <field.b> ] square brackets around each field and the usual calculation characters ( + add, - minus, * multiply and / divide).

Reserved for calculations in reports and examples

####Supported Calculation Methods

[T.Field1.Sum]*[T.Field2.Sum]                   Multiplies Field1.Sum by Field2.Sum. 
([T.Field1]*[T.Field2]).Sum                     Sum of Field1 * Field2.
[([T.Field1]*[T.Field2]).Sum]/[T.Field2.Sum]    Divides sum of Field1 * Field2 by sum of field 2.

Reserved for layout methods and examples

Reserved for examples and shared templates etc.

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