Custom Reports Subtracting Payment Accounts

Hello Everybody

I added a Payment acoount called pickup in payment types. I also create the account and transaction type for it.
I want to subtract the total amount of pickup from cash in the report payment details.
And this is what i come up with but from this its not subtracting pickup amount from cash :

[Ticket Payments:2, 1]
{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Name,=[PA.Cash.Sum]-[PA.Pickup.Sum]:(PT=Cash)}
Total|{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum:Payment.Amount > 0}

And when i take it out pickup its same:

[Ticket Payments:2, 1]
Total|{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum:Payment.Amount > 0}

@JTRTech i think now you can help :stuck_out_tongue: and i did alot of digging on the forum.

@markjw any help you can give on this?

I have 3 hotels with a total of over 60 rooms and turnover of over 3.5million a year to look after and help on samba in my spare time since we use at the hotels and like the software. I’m not eating my time on people who don’t appreciate the help.

If i didnt appericiate i wont ask help again.
I didnt mean to disrespect you.
Please help now :frowning:

Are you sure there is value in Pickup? Try removing the sum from them see if it works.

Now what i want to do is to minus pickup from Cash in the total income or in the cash.

Could it not be the use of the (PT=Cash)? Would this not potentially prevent the PT.Pickup from being reported?

Lol yes your probably right.

Either way am strugling to understand the reasoning as PT.Pickup wouldnt be included in PT.Cash so why minus it…
Based on the screenshot above it would give a negative value…

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Ok or you can say i want like this:
Total Income: Cash-Pickup+Credit Card+Linx+Cheque

Again based on your screenshot above it would still return a negative value… Maybe try and explain what it is your trying to work out and what you expect the value to be?

As it stands it would seem like you paying people the price of their tickets when they collect their orders which I doubt is the case.

Now m getting this but in the total its showing Cash+Pickup and thats i dont want

Might be wrong but that use of square brackets doesnt seem right either.

What is pickup and why is it a negative value?

Pickup is basically also cash which supervisor can perform if the cashier have too much cash in his till

There is a descussion about setting up ‘uplifts’ elsewhere.
How can it be a payment (a ticket related value)… are you puttting in negative value orders into a ticket?
You need to make a seperate transaction type to transfer value from cash account to another account like ‘safe’ or ‘banking’

round bracket is not even showing anything.
is there anything like it can calculate the cell for all the payment from above and give us the result in which pickup would be minus from it?

You should be using just account transactions for that and not ticket payments. Your going to have a nightmare trying to keep your accounting accurate.

No i am not putting minus.
In account side pickup is getting minus from the cash its showing correct total but i cant use account reports because it doesnt give reports by user or terminal.