Custom SQL to select entities for Entity List Widget

Below is a screen I have recently created to allow some of my staff (those that don’t have full access to all sales screens) to set certain details about the customers we have diving with us today.

We use a lot of pre-order tickets to book customers in advance, so the custom report on the left is derived from some SQL to select the customers who have an order tagged as being for today (although the ticket itself is almost never from today).

The customer report in # TABLE mode is a little clunky, not least since I actually have to include an additional column to contain the actual EntityName to power the rest of the logic on this screen - You can see a hint to this column’s existance by the horizontal scroll bar.

I would love to be able to use an entity grid widget to display these customers instead of a custom report. If there any way I could feed a list of EntityName’s or actual Entity IDs using an SQL query directly in to the Entity Grid Widget. NOTE: I use two different Entitiy Types in the same list here, so if possible it would be great if the widget would blindly account Entity Names or IDs and not require a certain Entity Type to be specified.