Custom Ticket Screen

Hello Everyoe I just need a little bit info how to customise the ticket screen to show the customer name and contact number both instead of just the contact number.

See this topic for details of options we have.

Hi @emre I tried it but its not working I have this setting how can I show both name and number on the ticket screen I just need another tab that says customer and shows either name or number

Right click on Table Header area and click “Add Remove Columns” to add the name column.


I have right clicked on all the places but nothing comes up except this.

It is really hard to find the correct spot if you have no tickets listed. Its a very narrow spot. Make some tickets and then click on the ticket header area.

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Try Restarting SambaPOS and login with Admin user.


Good catch @emre I didnt notice that… Waitstaff probably has no permissions for that.

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Thank you Emre it worked but when I close and open it again it goes back to the same way. Is there a special trick to save the changes.

Immediately logout and close SambaPOS then restart it after making your change, that will save the layout file.

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Thank you Kendash and Emre. It worked. :grinning:

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