Custome Report include Void Product

I use this script to report sales products, but it include void product, how to fix it?

Item Group|Item|[N]Quantity|[C]Total
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.ItemGroup,O.MenuItemName,O.Quantity,O.TotalPrice}

I not want to include void products…

You’ll want to add an expression to constrain the results.
Pretty sure you can’t do ISNOT so would need an alternative.

Thanks your reply, now i have another problem, i have two product group, food and drink, i want to report only sale food item, how to do? i use this script…

[Items Vendidos:3, 1]

SELECT [MenuItemName],CONVERT(INT,SUM([Quantity])) as Cantidad
FROM [Orders]
WHERE [CreatedDateTime] > ‘{Start}’ AND [CreatedDateTime] < ‘{End}’ AND DecreaseInventory = 1 AND CalculatePrice <> 0
GROUP BY [MenuItemName]

how to change? thanks…

Sure you would need to JOIN the menuitems table and add a and that menu item group Id
That’s going from memory as not at PC to check database.
If you don’t work it out or get another response before I get back to desk in a bit ill give you more info.

PS calculate price line would also ignore gift item.

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