Customer Account - Balance and Receipt

Hello guys thank you for all the help. How can I add a deposit using the customer accounts. I know I can go to account details and add cash but how can I add it directly in the payment screen. If I do add it, the amount adds it self as debit and is not credited in the account. Also on the receipt shows as paid not as deposit. I want the receipt to show the amount paid and balance. I want the receipt to have the deposit balance and total amount.

My ticket template looks like this:
– General layout

d:\logos.bmp Time:{TIME} Date:{TICKET DATE} Ticket No:{TICKET NO} {ENTITIES} - {ORDERS} * {DISCOUNTS} [Total Gift:|{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}] {SERVICES} Total ${TICKET TOTAL} Tendered|${TENDERED TOTAL} Change|${CHANGE TOTAL} * T H A N K Y O U GRACIAS POR TU VISITA! Exchange only accepted within 7 days from purchase date in original packaging. No returns on Computer Repair or Software.



– Default format for orders

– Format for gifted orders

– Nothing will print for void lines

– Format for order tags

– Table entity format
Station: {ENTITY NAME}

– Customer entity format
– Customer: {ENTITY NAME}

– Customer entity format
Account: {ENTITY NAME}
Balance: $[=F(0-TN(’{ENTITY BALANCE}’))]

The receipt shows the balance as tendered amount.


If your wanting it to work like a debit account you need to define it correctly. Right now you have it set to run as a credit line. This is default. For the account type change it to the correct type.

Payment screen should say tendered. Tendered just means exchange of currency it can go either way.

Look at the accounting tags in your printer template on the right side. Those can help you show the related account information.

I have tried change it to debit but I am not sure if I need to do something else