Customer Account in reports not working


True, why make the mess, but that is probably why I am stuck with using Tax as calculation type and not Tax template :grinning: but its fine cant have everything.



this is my customer transaction account


Why not a tax template? Tax template should work fine for you. unless you want some off the wall situation that most people dont use.


yes and its working.


I doubt this is the case but it could also have been a bug in v4 that was fixed in v5… Hard to know though v4 was depricated long time ago.


Ok now you have accounts showing under Customer Accounts right?


yes all my customers are under Customer Accounts.


It looks correct then the only thing I can think is it was a bug in v4. It works fine in v5.


yh probably, I am currently conducting more experiments, I ll see if I can find something.


Ok, so found Gross Amount and for future reference for everyone else its in AccountTransactions.


Did you ever figure out the report? To be honest I am shocked REPORT CALCULATION DETAILS even reported on any Payment types. My theory is it will report on them if the ticket had a calculation in it skipping tickets that did not. But its very odd it didnt work with REPORT TICKET DETAILS for you.


Well I shifted to SQL Scripts, it was actually a lot easier for me because I can get around it, I even picked up customer account from Database for reporting, but thx for ur help, I could have never figured out that it was a bug.


Ok for future reference, their is no bug in custom reports related to customer accounts, as before @Kendash was right, customer accounts payments worked correctly with REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL and REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS and using PA did not work correctly, the correct syntax was {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=Customer Account)}.Thank you for your help @Kendash