Customer Account in reports not working

Why is my Payment type Customer Account coming up empty. Cash, credit all are working fine except PA.Customer Account, something to do with Account Names.


Can you show Entity Type Accounting tab and Entity you want to settle it on?


Entity Names can be anything, they are simply customer names. I just want to see the mode of payment of a ticket with its amount how much is cash, credit card, Voucher, Customer Account of a particular ticket.

That’s first : I’ve seen in account name, it might be effecting the report parsing/generation… Not sure without testing.
Can you show account screen showing a ticket that was paid by account and then your report for that period?

The accounts screen doesnt show customer accounts? The report is showing the same as the accounts screen you have shown: 342.40 cash and 271.20 card.
Your issue I think might be that from memory last time I did a setup with customer accounts is the payment type isn’t ‘Customer Account’ its the account name, if you reported payments each account payment would be shown as a separate payment type for each account used. Might be wrong through it was a while ago and its often harder to read from screenshots over actual pasted templates.
Its even harder to know for sure when you havnt actually shown evidence that there was a customer account payment as it isnt shown by the accounts screen shot your uploaded above which could mean the account setup has an issue but am not confident enough to diagnose that just from reading screenshots before that.

Yes that is exactly what is happening, This are my payment types, the Cash works but the since customer account is empty it does not work. And the payments are going to the customer accounts, their balances are increasing and in the screenshot you can see Iron Man and Ant Man are the customer accounts on which I made the payments.



When you make a payment using a Customer Account it will increase that customer accounts balance… thats how it works. When the customer makes a payment on their account that will decrease its balance.

Yes thats how they are working, my problem is PA.Customer Account does not seem to work in Reports.

It wont work that way… you need to report on the specific account. Customer Payments are different. It stores them in the entities not the same as cash or credit payments. Give me a sec ill show you an example.

Your setup is working your report is just wrong. We will sort it out. I dont use customer accounts so I will need a few minutes to prepare something to show you.

OK do this… create a new report and only put this in it. Show me what it produces.

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:PA.Customer Account,EN.Customers}

I noticed several things… one your trying to report on payments inside a CALCULATIONS DETAILS tag this is not possible. There may be other parts of that tag that are not working either. It may work but not as intended you really should report on TICKET DETAILS not CALCULATION DETAILS.

If a ticket doesnt have a calculation in it… it wont report it. REPORT TICKET DETAILS will report all tickets.

Also note that account payments ie cash/card to pay off account balance will need separate reporting as they are not ticket payments.

nothing Kendash they are coming up empty


Are your entities called Customers? And have you done any customer account sales today? Looks like you may not have recorded any customer sales today.

Oh sry kendash my bad, I had made sales in my previous workperiod. Phone no is my primary name in customer entities, thats why the numbers.


and one more thing @Jesse I cant seem to find Ticket Total (Gross amount) in the database anywhere, why is that is the gross amount not saved at all.

Lots of things are generated and not stored. Ticket Total is probably one of those things. Why store something when you can just generate it. Makes it leaner.

Ok so looks like you messed with something in account transactions. You need to show the Customer Account transaction type.

For that data you showed you did do a customer account payment right?