Customer account issue

hello just started to use customere account on Samba POS 5 but if I close a ticket using customer account, when I try to check the customer details are always empty, what should a do?

What do you mean when you check customer details? Look at accounts and look at the customer name

sorry for the delay, I was sure to answer from my mobile but looks like I didn’t.
by the way, I mean once I opened the customer account, it allowed me to settle the bill with the customer account bill, but if I go to check the customer account status it appears empty, with no “pending bill”

I am not sure what you mean. If you paid it with customer account then there would not be an open ticket. You can see their account balance in Accounts

The problem is that, once settled the ticket does not appear on the customer account

details, is like they sharing the same account, not divided per each customer