Customer account with pending ticket

Hi, when a customer buy a product for $5,00 and he will not pay until next week I click at the end in payment screen on customer account and the amount is pending to pay later this is perfect. My problem is that when I finish my day and print the report those 5.00 show as payment received together with the daily sale and in the cash drawer are menus 5.00 because I not receive this payment from my client until the next week. Question:

Samba can show me this pending payment separated in daily report or not ad this to the sales until the payment received?

Thanks …

The customer account would be your pending payment. You can view that. It is added to sales because you did sell that product but customer paid with their account.

Cash drawer would not be minus $5.00 how do you figure that?

Here is documentation to help you build accounts reporting into your work period report if thats what you want.

Maybe I did wrong …

ok What I this is:

Create new customer
created an account
select customer
add the products
click on Settle
in payment screen select all
and click on customer account

the most important for me is that not appear as sale until I receive the payment

You did just fine. Your just not understanding how the accounting works.

Payment was your customers account you sold the item and used their account to pay for it so it will show in sales. Cash was not transpired so nothing will affect your cash drawer.

If you want to show customer accounts in work period report then you need to edit the report and use some of the examples I just showed you above to build your own modified report.

That would be false accounting. You did sell the item.

If you do not want to consider it a sale then you should get the item back from the customer until he pays for it with an actual currency.

in customer detail show as payment pending but in the report appear as sale that is my confusion

Because you did sell the item. The customer has the item you sold it… you accepted customer account as payment type. Customer owes you money but you did complete a sale and it should be recorded as a sale.

Payment was the customer account so what is pending is payment to that account not for the item. Customer already paid for the item with his customer account.

So item was paid for… but customer now owes on his account.

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What I am saying is customer owes for account not for item. That is how you should look at that and is correct accounting for customer credit accounts.

I understand now thanks. There is other way that reflect saved pending payment from customer ?

There are other ways including pre order tickets but customer accounts is the best method in my opinion.

i have the same problem
So in what way I can put in the charge of the account statement of the same day he was paid?