Customer accounts change debit to credit?

I use customer accounts to record debts of employees. But since it is written as a standard profit, the final report shows a discrepancy. How can I make orders for customer accounts to be recorded as an expense / credit?

You would report on the balance not the payment.

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How to make the customer account record the balance in the negative?

You don’t want to do that. Instead use custom reports to report on balance.

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I really need to change this payment to credit type. Or I need a link to manual how change report and make reports without customers account? I don’t know how do it.

The report you show is ticket payments. Those tickets were paid by the account so for payments report it is correct and it have mooved from sales/receivables to account the same as it does for cash or card.
For customer accounts what you are presumably looking for is something to report accounts and their balances.
Have a look at this and see if it helps at all;

Note that when the accounts are paid the payment is not a ticket payment so doesnt report in the ticket payments expression hence the report in the linked topic.

If using accounts I would also look to create a section on the report to show the account balances so you are able to monitor the balances and stop anything getting out of hand for which the simplest solution is a accounts balance section on the work period report so you see it every day.

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