Customer Accounts - How do they settle amount owed?


I am setting up a social club with members.

Members are added as Customer Accounts. They order drinks at the bar, add orders to their account.
They can then settle their account at the end of the week or any day after.

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In this video, you can select cash or card. If the customer is paying by card, the card button isn’t linking to the card reader. If paying by cash it does show the amount of change to give to the member, as it would in the settle ticket screen. It is basically enter the amount they have already paid to update the members / customers account, not to action a payment and report it at the End of day work period report.

How do I get the amount owed by the member entered into the settle screen so that it is recorded as a payment and update the customer account.

Currently if a member orders on their account, this does not show for this days work period, this is correct because they haven’t paid at this time. Sending it the settle screen when they do pay surely would be the best workflow for Work Period Report part?

Hope I’m making sense, when a member wants to settle there account, the amount owed sent to settle screen to create a ticket. Once paid, it will update the members / customers account with the amount paid. Bear in mind, member sometime top up, pay more than what is owed.

Please if any one can help, can you ex[lain in detail as I am still learn sambapos. Or is there a better solution for this. I have search the forum for several hours.

Thanks all

The only way I know of for a customer to pay on their account using a credit card is from the Settle screen, with at least 1 item on the ticket. On the settle screen there is a Balance button. Pressing that will add the customers account amount and the ticket amount. (Pressing the button again will remove the balance amount.)

You are right, on the customers account screen, when the customer pays on their account, using a credit card, it does not invoke the credit card processor. @Jesse Is this something that could be addressed?

We plan to add to our integration in usa a way to pay via card from the account transaction screen. No eta on it but it’s on our list for future. I would imagine we can have the same functionality with our UK integration as well. Just keep in mind this is a future plan we have not scheduled into our workload yet. But we have it written in.

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Awesome, thanks for the detailed update!

Great this works,

This is my next problem I’m trying to solve for this.

After so many days the customer wants to settle there bill. The cash and credit card buttons on this screen seem pointless, when the best way is to take payment from the Settle Screen and use the Balance Button.

The customer then returns and does exactly the same again. Places orders and settles after x amount of days.

When the customer pays to clear the balance owed, the cash needs to see the items per ticket they are paying for and print a customer receipt on request.

Something like this.

Ticket 34
Foster - £3.50
Carling - £3.80

Ticket 35
Crisps - £1.00
Carling -£.3.80

Total - £21.10

Using the settle screen is ideal because paying by Cash will show how much change to give and the Pay by Credit Card links to Card Terminal.

I’m not sure if this is the right track, when the customer pays off account balance owed somehow it tags which tickets are paid off. So when the customer orders again, tickets are mark which are paid and not paid off.

Or would a better solution be when on settle screen, and selecting account the ticket remains open. This could be up to a month.
Card and cash closes ticket.
Outstanding balance should then equal open tickets by account customer?

I think I have found a better solution than I have described above.

Simply from ticket types enable Pre-order

From the ticket screen, when adding products select customer and press the close button. This allows to add tickets, unpaid to customer ticket screen.

My only question is what actions and rule do I need when pressing the close button on the ticket screen to force the casher to either select an account customer or settle the ticket? ie they can not have a open ticket without attached to a customer account (entity).


I maybe on to a way to pay a customer account via the pos screen, not using the Balance button on the settle screen.

In the below animation, the Test Customer has a balance of $5.49. After selecting the Pay on Account button, the popup suggests the customers balance. I over-wrote it with $1. After the ticket is paid, a Account Transaction is created debiting Sales and crediting the Customers Account.

Here is the Sales account after 3 transactions. The first is transaction is the customer account transaction. The other 2 transactions are test transactions of $1.00.

One small problem I foresee is in sales report. The Pay on Account menu item is treated as a regular sale. It will not be hard to do factor it out, but it will have to factored into every sales report.

I see you have a SumUp button on your customers account screen. Is that to add funds to their account? If so, I could incorporate it into the process.

I still have some more testing to do.