Customer add after select table button

Hi Team,

How can i create a popup asking the number of customer for that table
For example: when i press on table button then asking for customer number

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Create an action to update ticket customer

… and execute it when a new ticket is created.


You could get creative and have Samba suggest the number of customers to go with that :wink:

I set a course order state based on item tag on order adding and then have a couple of rules on ticket closing which either suggest first tag or suggest tag is changed is course ‘Mains’ count is different from tag using

[=TN('{TICKET ORDER QUANTITY TOTAL EXP:(OS.Kitchen Course=Mains)}')]

To count the number of mains on a ticket.

This is the rule which sugests tag is changed is number of mains is different from the covers tag;

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Wow! I read it like asking customer phone number :stuck_out_tongue:


Well now he has multiple ideas to work with and hopefully one of them hit the winning lottery.