Customer and pre order entity screen captions


I have pre-order selected for ticket types

Running a members club. Customers can order drinks and pay at a later date.

On the customer tickets entity screen it displays customer name on the button (caption)

I know you can add custom fields and use [email] [phone number] etc to pull date from the custom field to show on the customer entity screen as a caption.

On the main pos ticket screen at the bottom when selecting a customer from the customer ticket screen. It shows the balance owed and the date when the ticket was opened. Although I’m told it is not a ticket until converted to payment.

How do I show this information on the buttons within the Customer Ticket entity screen?

I’d recommend you to use Customer Accounts (Customer Receivables) to submit orders that are to be paid at later date.

Pre-Orders are not really designed for that, though it can be used as a work around, its not recommended.

Customer Account balances are really easy to report in V5.

Entity Screens use Entity Status to list these buttons. Entity Screens > edit Entity Screen > Entity List > Display State field

You can put both status group or specific state of the group

Basically, in your processing of Customer Account payment, you could update entity state called Balance=Due, and then in Entity Screen settings field called Display State set Due.

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