Customer Button Wrapping


Hello everybody;
I’m using customer Tickets tab instead of Tables tab. I want to show customer details on the customer ticket button like that:

But when the information is too long, button caption is looking very small then can’t read. I Tried some solutions on Entity type Edit Screen about “Display Format”:
But unfortunately doesn’t work. Is is correct way to wrapping the caption text? Or could you advise another solution?
Thanks a lot.


Search forum for entity state formatting,


Remove the + symbols and prefer to use <br/> instead of \r.

P.S. <linebreak/> could also be used, but can have a different effect than <br/> depending on use.

The Entity Type Display Format will replace the $1 placeholder in an Entity State Display Format. You will need to set the State Display Format for “Available”, “New Orders”, and “Bill Requested”.

For example, below shows the Entity Type Display Format and the Entity State Display Format for “New Orders” …

FYI, only Entity Type Custom Data Field Names can be used in the Entity Type Display Format.

Notice the [Balance] field in the Entity Type Display Format is not valid there (because it is not a Custom Field Name for this Entity Type), so nothing is displayed in that position (red line). However, the Entity Account Balance can be retrieved in the Entity State Display Format using a Report Tag (green line).

Also notice the Entity Type Primary Field Format is applied, in this case to the [Phone] field since it is set as the Primary Field Name.

Entity Type Display Format:


Entity State Display Format:

<b>$1</b><linebreak/>{ENTITY ACCOUNT BALANCE:$1}


Thanks alot, it’s works

Actually i have same issue on Sambapos v3 (on another client) Could you advise me for v3?)


V3 does not support this feature and it is almost deprecated. Your pretty much on your own with v3. Only v5 supports this feature.