Customer Debit Accounts

Hi Guys,

I have been following the v3 documentation since thats what I can find. I want to make it so customers can add costs to their debit IE owe money. So, I setup a customer and then I assign a customer to the ticket but the “Charge Account” button is grayed out. I made the customer account type is set to DEBIT.

I dont want balance accounts IE they have 100 prepaid. I want it to make an amount they owe then they can pay me later.

Any tips?


Look here - setting up a Cstomer Account is a simple process…

Yes I understand but that is why I set the rule to Debit so it does not have a balance but the button is still greyed out.

Which documentation did you follow? Please provide a link to it.

It seems you’re not the only one having this issue, yet I have never encountered it.

Share your exact process flow.