Question about customers and customer account

Going by your sample database, you have Miro as a Customer (actually listed twice).
Go to the Customer Search Screen, search for Miro, click Edit Customer, then click Create Account.
Now it should work.

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I will try this as soon as I come back from the beach!!!

Thanks again


[Update] Thanks @JohnS, it works…

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Creating a customer does not mean creating a customer account. All customers should not have an account. If you open an account to a customer they can make late payments.


I understood it now!!!

I am glad to say that I managed to configure with your (forum) help the only two accounts we manage…



I have set up a customer account…I have tried this with default, debit and credit as the rule.
My goal is to have a running Total regardless of amount (although a limit would be nice to have) but it would allow the customer to buy and pay at a later date.

For some reason I can settle only one time to Customers Account. Subsequent attempts to settle to the same Customer Account has the button greyed out.

Customer Account Type should work with the Default Rules. If you set the Rules to Credit, then you will only be able to Settle a Ticket when the Account has sufficient funds to cover the “Charged” amount that you enter into the Payment Screen.

Do you have a Payment Processor defined on the Customer Account Payment Type? You don’t need a Processor, but it can be used to limit payment among other things.

What does your Customer Account Transaction Type look like?

The only difference I see between your screens and mine is the Filter Type on Account Type. Mine is set to ALL
There are no payment processors set up

No matter what I do to the set up…it will only allow me to process one transaction on an individual customer account

I notice that once the ticker is added to the customer account it remains open which will not allow me to close the work period. As @gerlandog explained some customers pay at the end of the month how can you still have the customer account open but still able to close your work period to track your daily sales?
Thank you

Not being able to close work period means you have a Ticket that is not settled yet. Settle all tickets then close work period. You should be using the Customer Account payment button to settle the tickets.

or if you need to be able to keep tickets open whilst closing a work period you need to update ticket to pre-order. Tickets that are set as pre-order will allow you to close work periods

While using customer accounts tickets should not be left open. You should settle the tickets using the Customer Account Payment button you created. This puts the funds into the customers account and settles the ticket. The customer would then make a payment on that account to pay at end of month vs having to pay every ticket the customer made.

He would also not get any credit on sales or inventory if using Pre-Order tickets.

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Sorry to bump this, but having enabled all of this yesterday thanks to @RickH and scrawled above when I go to the payment screen, the button is always greyed out. All of my settings above seem to be correct bit still nothing. Any ideas?


We need to see your setting to know what’s wrong. But do you have type set to default for customer account type?

Also you created the account for the customer?

both of those yes, ill add some screen shots now from my phone hold on…:

So you went to your entity screen selected edit customer and added an account?

yeah i have about 8 accounts i made for tabs on the bar, ill show you I just had a customer so 2 secs:

You have not shown any customer accounts yet?

hmm, ok this may be where im going wrong then? how do I attach a customer with an account?

In your entity screen like you just showed. Click edit customer and then add an account. You do not have to actually make the accounts manually. It will create them for you. So delete any accounts you made and let the Entity Screen create them. Do NOT delete the Account Type you need that.

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