Customer Display Creating problem

Hello guys, Ive followed this article ( Customer Display with Advertisement ) about creating a second display for customers. But ive tried it about 100 times (im newbie) and no it shows me only a Test Screen, screen is not updating and nothing happens. Can anybody create a video tutorial about this? Or help me please.

This is a screen of batch file:

and webpage load only my custom background picture (bg.jpg).


Help us help you. Show all your settings that you have done. The 304 code indicates that nothing on the page has changed, meaning probably your Print is not happening for some reason.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Im using following setings as in the Screenshot:

And it shows me only :

This area is closed. Can you send me o full functionally database settings for Sambapos 4. So i study for myself…

I doubt anyone here has a v4 database to share for that. Most of us are using the latest version which is 5.1.62

If you follow tutorial exact it will work. You missed something. Also showing us how you named your rules and actions doesn’t help us at all.

We need to see how you configured:

  • the Print Jobs (you already showed this ;))

  • the Actions that execute the Print Jobs (not a list of Actions, but each Action configuration)

  • the Rules that fire the Actions for the Print Jobs (not a list of Rules, but each Rule configuration, with Actions expanded)

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I have also used the 5th Version but no chance. I checked all the explained points and dont know what goes wrong by me.

My Print Jobs, Actions and Rules:

I can’t spot anything wrong with your setup.

Do a Logout/Login, create a ticket, etc, but do not logout again.

Look in C:\iis\ to see if the Modified Date/Time has changed (show a screenshot of the folder).

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