Customer Display Hardware Recommendation

Hi all

Any hardware recommendations for a customer display? Currently using a 2 line Vfd display but would like switch to small screen on a pole which will display images as well as order details.

What is the best guide to follow to set this up?

Thanks in advance.

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We typically have been deploying all in one units with 10” customer display. The posbank were not fully setup yet as you can see but the hardware looks nice and runs really well. Those are partnertech units.

Here is a posbank

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@Jesse both setups look amazing. Well done.

I think 10” is a good size for a customer display. I will be looking for one on a pole that is powered by usb as that will suit my counter setup.

I followed the HTML customer display guide, but would like to know how to get a splash screen on there like the one in the image shown above?