Customer display not showing products

hi i have setup my samba pos more or less couple of problems i hope i can get some answers to
i have set up my customer display working on johns tutorial needs updating though but i can’t seem to get the products to show on the pole display this is what i see on screen is
Total $1.50
my question is what am i doing wrong also i am based in united kingdom how do i get the £ pound sign instead of the dollar sign on the pole display

Should be


thanks john
i get the £ sign
but am i a not to see the name of the product and individual price on the display instead of that code.

Since forum automatically strips values such as <J00>, I’ve updated John’s answer to correctly display needed format.

Post the printer template please.

And a screen shot of the Printer setup for the Pole Display.

hi john the printer template is
<xct 12>

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sorry its removed the j000 from my last post let me try again john
xct 12
obviously with the <> signs where relevant the forum won’t let me put in

here is the image john

Highlight the text and click the CODE button </> on the editor to preserve the text formatting. As such, here is my Pole Items printer template, properly formatted…


thanks mate got it working but my pole display total is not working as it should
could you kindly share your setup for it.

You can check the following post, which is based on a setup tutorial from @JohnS done in v2, however, as stated in my last post in that Topic, my {TICKET TOTAL} is not displaying the correct results either.

@emre, It seems there are still some issues with the Ticket Total Changed event, even in v4.1.37