Customer Display Screen Configuration


I need some Assistant Please,
How can someone Configure the customer display screen so that Total Costs could be displayed on.
It is just at 0.00

This is the type of POS machine I am working on.

Your going to need to offer more info and be clearer…

Firstly though, have you read any of the customer display tutorial topics?

After you have if your still facing issues you would at least need to clarify that you mean by cost 0.00… you mean literally 0 value, or you mean number formatting like too many 0s or what?
Show screenshots/photos of display.
Paste you print template and screen shots of relative rules…

Dont forget we only have what you say to go on. Which is curently a vague question about a device that has 100s of models which multiple port types and different commands etc.

Look here you can find how to configure pole or line item display which is what you have.

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