Customer Display Setting

Hello Community
I have installed Customer Display on COM5 with following Template. In fact it is working fine.
When I enter first Item to sell Screen, its shows correctly, like this:

1 Pizza 12.50
Total: 12.50
when I enter second Item to sale screen, Item name is coming on second line and “Total” is coming on first line.
After this point, every time when I enter a new item, they change places. Total First Line, Item name second line,or contrary.

Normallly TOTAL must be always in second line. What is wrong in this Template?


I have seen this happen before, it is usually resolved by sending a clear command to the customer display before the new data, that is how I have resolved in the past.

For a customer display I have used, the command was this, but it may differ on different models:


Also you should put formatting tags at the start of each line of your template so it shows the way you intended. Here is an updated version of your printer template with the clear command added and formatting tags:



Also check the Printer setting that it has been set to Line Count as 2 and Line Character Count as 20 (or whatever number the display supports per line, 20 is most typical):

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