Customer Display Setup - Modifiers not Updating

Hello Everyone I have managed to follow all the steps for Customer Display quite accurately and everything is working flawless. Besides just having one problem when I select a modifier for an item with (Zero Value) Like Mild, Med or Hot it doesn’t update on the second screen. But when I select a modifier with a value like Add Vegies$2.50 or large size$5.00 it shows up on the second screen but with only that particular curry not the whole Order. But at the end if I add another product everything gets updated on the second screen and shows up perfectly. I am sure I am missing an action command or rule but I cant figure out which one it is. Could anyone help or had the same problem which I am facing.

You didn’t give any details but I guess you’re using ticket total changed event to update second screen and as tags without prices does not changes ticket total it does not update second screen. You can handle order tagged event to update second screen when orders gets tagged or untagged.


Hi @emre underneath you will see these are the only rules and actions I have.
I think I need a rule like “when a modifier is added to an item the customer display shows the whole ticket not just the modified item” but the thing is I have tried it so many times but no success can you please help.

Emre gave you the answer right there. Create Rules for the Events of Order Tagged and Order Untagged, and place the Action to update the screen in both Rules (Second Screen - Ticket).

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Thank you for the video. As @QMcKay showed you can fine control order modifier updates. Additionally you’ll see there is a “Ignore Selection” setting for this action. Setting it as True will print entire ticket instead of just printing selected orders.


Thank you @QMcKay and emre its working now. You guys are amazing. :joy:
I am using Splashtop app to use my tablet as an extended screen through Wi-Fi but the connection keep dropping off would you guys recommend any other way of using a tablet as a customer display.