Customer display siemens Ba63 seriell

Has someone already siemens Ba63 seriell display installed with sambapos 4?
I need your help !


Help with?
There are several good vfd customer display tutorials. Try searching before requesting help.
Then don’t just say you need help!!!
Ask a question!!!
I can’t do this because, or I get this error so on so on.

I have searched in forum surely. This model of siemens is really strange!
It is maybe compatible only with Pos siemens nixdorf. That s why i haved asked if someone has already installed.

Not possible to connect with normal pc!

Well thats a start!!! if you cant connect it your unlikely to get much help on software support forum, your probably better off on the manufacturer support site.

Why cant you connect it? What port does it use?

It uses com1, but it doesnt show any message. As described in tutorial echo testing1234>com1, nothing on the screen. Tested with changer on usb port, it is the same. Installed on sampabos on com1, no success!

Definatly working unit? Does it look to be getting power?
There are commands listed on the manual so doubt it is locked down to be completly propriatory to seimens pos.
COM ports are standerdised interface and it accepts the usual type of commands…

Are you sure you have correct com port settings? braud rate, bits etc?

Yes, com ports are setup up correctly.

In this link, at the bottom there is a tool to seeting up customer display.

I would like to say that this display has technical problem, but we have 10 pcs, not possible all this units have tech.problems. It is maybe they are good only with own Pos system, not for pc. I have contacted manufacruere to ask it.

We will see.

Hello JTRTech

I give you just information:

it is not possible to use this customer display (siemens Ba63) with normal pc or laptop. Dont waste your time for this! It is only for own Siemens POS Products.

You can pick up vfd customer displays for good prices on eBay etc, most are generic com or USB based. You’ve just been unfortunate and God something propitiatory.
When I looked up the model I found a forum about requiring a customising which kinda suggested they might be ‘locked down’.

I have picked up a new POS “SENOR 750” and i have installed SAMBAPOS , it is working well. PERFECT!
I have created Printer Templates and rules as described in Tutorial on Forum, i have the result like following on my Display, they are not not creectly aligned.

Where i made a mistake pls?

Char count on printer or you might been to lookup the XCT codes for the display some work on char count some you need to XCT next line and clear screen etc


I use follwing templates. Pole Banner shows me correctly. In fact I need only TOTAL that customer has to pay and in second line CHANGE. Nothing else.

Pole Banner
– 31,20,17
– Herzlich Willkommen
– Milanos Pizzeria

Pole Total


line : 2
Charcters: 20

Was there a question there? Sorry, not sure.
Just double check what I presume is an XCT code as these are more model specific that tutorial can often cover.

Question is:

I have followed this link from Forum to set up my Display. Banner and ItemsTemplate are working well.They are showing correctly, but Pole Total template shows me wrongly. I need only Total that customer has to pay and need to show to customer how much he is getting back.

Total: 65.–
Due: 5.-


Any rule is missing in this link?

Try this for your Pole Total Template …

TemplatePD Pole Total


You can also add this Rule …

I have created following templates with action and rules.Banner and Items are working well.I have replaced my old Pole Total template with yours.
On the screen I have Pd correctly BUT Chg: without Value

V4 does not support expressions, so you will need to change your Pole Total Template back to the original unless you upgrade to V5.

Did you add the Rule?

Yes I have added following rules and actions