Customer Display template by Order States

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This was working back in .55 and I have just checked in .58 and there is a slight bug.

When I add an Item with an order state, it is using the Default [ORDERS: ONTOP] template. not my [ORDERS:Misc ONTOP] if I refresh (execute print job again) it works fine.





To eliminate an ONTOP syntax issue I have also tried using only the [ORDERS] and [ORDERS:Misc] but I get the same result.

I have added an action to execute the refresh after the order is tagged (Misc Item Description) and it works fine but the shortest delay I can add is 1 second and its too slow. I have tried using .1 but it does not recognize this.

A shorter delay would be 0.

It is not enough of a delay and technically 0 would not be a delay. The .gif above has the delay set to 0 it does not update.

Did you tried placing [ORDERS:Misc ONTOP] section over [ORDERS: ONTOP] section?

Yes It worked when we last discussed this. After the account statements printing stopped working after the .58 update I started testing everything again and came across this issue. Its only a minor issue, I have it updating after 1 second. It would be great if we could add a delay in miliseconds