Customer display, to display total cost of order etc

Hi i have sambapos installed on my epos till, my epos till has a built in customer display, for some reason i cannot get the display to work with sambapos, if anyone can help me to get it working, i would be very happy.

i have attached a image below of what the customer display looks like.

What make and model is it ?
Is it connected by serial ?

Citaq pos. yes its serial

Is it possible? @JohnS

John’s pole display tutorial can be found here.,218.msg1075.html#msg1075

Hello. I’ve followed John’s tutorial, however it doesn’t seem to work on SambaPOS 4 - many of the fields are not updating correctly. Can a new tutorial for V4 be released please?



Yes @batteredveg, i seem to be having the same problem too.

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@ JohnS

Hi John

in your display set up guide the following step can’t create in sambapos 4

Add new Print Job to Terminal
Settings -> Terminals -> {Select the terminal}

  • Print Jobs -> Select Print Job
    • Add Print Job Pole Display Banner
      Logout and Log back in to active.

can you update this step?