Customer Display using Custom Browser printer issue

Hi All.

I have setup a Customer Display using Custom browser printer, I have been using this for almost a year now.

works great however one annoying problem I have is, sometimes the internet browser decides to open on the main screen and not the second, and also when there is a power cut and the system is rebooted. I have to manual using a mouse drag the internet browser on to the second display.

My question is, are there any alternatives to the customer browser printer display method or any tricks which I can perform to ensure that the custom browser printer always opens on the second display regardless of a power cut etc.?

thank you in advance

Couple of suggestions here;

This is a windows issue rather than samba.

Thanks @JTRTech,

I have seen this but nothing works. still same issue.

is there any alternatives to custom browser printer? any other way to create a customer display without using custom browser printer?

Its a second screen so any solution is likely to suffer from similar window placement issues.
There will be a viable solution for window screen, just need to find it.
What version of windows do you use.
A ups might elevate the power cut issue.

currently using windows 10.

its been a while but I used displayfusion before now and sure it has facility to set app monitors or set trigger to move window;

I mainly used it for multi screen taskbar on windows 7 but since windows does this I dont use anymore.

The best solution is to use GQL and build an app for that but it would not be easy and you would get little support other than the built in documentation for gql.

Even that would likely still have similar issue of which screen it loads in as it would still need to run in a window - most likely browser.

Does this issues still occur when using the custom browser printer?

I have been thinking of moving from a VFD pole display to the above but if it has these types of issues is it worth making the move or should I just stick to my classic VFD display?

We have deployed this type of customer display at several fast food chains and have had zero issues. I am not sure what is different about your setup but I have not seen it behave this way yet. All of ours run in Kiosk mode updating on Ticket Total changed event and a splash screen after ticket is closed.

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Hi @Jesse

I am yet to implement this feature. Looking forward to it. Currently trying to source a 8” or 10” customer pole display. This is likely to be imported as there is nothing in the UK that I could find.

I’m glad to hear it’s all working with no problems.