Customer Display using Custom Browser Printer


HI Sukasem,

thanks for the responds, i am having trouble to load the slide image. all picutre show up in the IE 11 as static image.



Check you javascript slider or post your template or just learn how to use bootstrap.


thanks, i got the javascript files. i placed in the document\image\folder not sure if that the correct path.



Of course not. How you refer to image file and js file is the same thing. Can’t believe you can point to IMG but not JS.


thanks for the info. i moved the java files backout one folder. everthing working now…

thanks for the help


Hello @QMcKay
Is there any other way for advertisement slide show except java scripts?
I didn’t really put my hands on java yet.
I read the whole post but mostly using java scripts and I don’t know how to implement it.
I don’t want fancy slideshow, simple changing pictures would work.


Make it animate gif :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol I want simple advertisement.
Any other options?


Ofcourse not lol. Better start reading javascript. what you waiting for go go now.


Can I make templates containing one picture and print it with a delay?


Is it possible to print a picture through template in a browser?


So, every display must have at least logo (image)? Do you have it? If you do you aleady have an answer.

Printer template just generate html source code for webpage. It is just a webpage picture is most common thing in web.


But logo image would be in colour?


OMG, do you have a website?


No I don’t have…


What I studied for logo image u have to convert image into bmp?


So, before javascript you have to learn
1 html
2 css
3 javascript.


20 years ago I guess. Now icon use png. hardly see bmp anymore except the tiny icon that show on browser tab.
You will get nowhere. You have to start learning html first.


Just tell me can I print a single image on browser by making a temate like this?
Does this tag would work in browser printer?


Yes and no.
Yes, if you know html you can do anything.
No, browser doesn’t know c: drive.