Customer Display using Custom Browser Printer


That means it cannot find the image file.

Using that Template inside SambaPOS, you will need to supply an absolute real path to the image file:

<img id="imgcarousel" src="D:/Programs/images/picture.jpg" alt="picture" style="width:300px">



So in your case, it would be something like this:

<img id="imgcarousel" src="C:/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Documents/SambaPOS5/CustomerDisplay/images/picture.jpg" alt="picture" style="width:300px">


Still same:


I noticed one thing when I tried to preview this template its giving me this error:


The Preview will not display the image. It is not designed to do so.

You need to change all backslash \ to forward slash / or change all backslash \ to double-backslash \\

I suggest you use single forward slash / as it is much easier.




Did you miss this???

Template Preview will not work.

And please… CROP your images to make them smaller.


I change it to forward slash and the result is:



Few days before I installed a Windows 10. After tried to print the barcode & logo but it was giving me this same error and it wasn’t printing ticket. And this is the same copy of Windows 10.
When I removed the barcode and logo code line it was start to print.


@JTRTech here you can help I know you are good in html.
I just want to display a picture from local drive through html in the browser.


Try putting the image in a different path other than a User directory, like:


Then change your Template for that new path:

<title>My Restaurant</title>


<h2>Image in absolute path</h2>

<img id="imgcarousel" src="C:/CustomerDisplay/images/picture.jpg" alt="picture" style="width:300px">



Hello @QMcKay

Just changed the name of a picture from picture.jpg to picture I get it working…


one more question if there is a way to define a loop in html or samba?


Not in HTML.

But SambaPOS has Loop Values action and Value Looped Rule.


@QMcKay I am wondering… I am not sure if anyone has tried and I might once I get my setup going on the new demo POS. Do you think we could use HTML to insert buttons and use the internal GQL to interact with a ticket? Hmmmm


What if the customer decides to keep his finger down on the touch-screen monitor, so you can’t control your side of of the POS, since Windows doesn’t like to have two mouse inputs at once?
Great idea, though.


Really? I honestly don’t see that happening. That would be something to have a customer do that.

However the POS systems I am reselling are immune to that problem. You can hold your finger on the display all you want and the POS touch will still work.


It would depend on how it’s setup in touch driver’s etc.
There always used to be options like click on touch or release rather than emulate mouse which makes just a single click not hold.
A d if no option… The customer is right in front of you… Can you please remove your finger from the screen…


I’m laughing just imagining someone doing that.


Maybe, but you need to be more specific as to what you plan to try to do. I don’t use Browser Printer, never have.