Customer Display with Advertisement


@eddhasaj Hi there, I imported @JohnS zip file into the database to try these features out, everything works as expected for the main.html file. It behaves as per your description above i.e.: all items listed on one line.

I tried troubleshooting this and realised the HTML headers seem to be replaced every time a Ticket action occurs i.e. the main.html only lists the “Order Tags” and has no "<html> or <body>" tags.
How did you fix this situation if I may ask? Thanks in advance


Sorry its been a while since I was working with that. Did you try the <L00> in front of all the context in the print template in samba. @satianv


@eddhasaj I edited your post. If you use the </> button after highlighting it they will show properly.


oh okay! Any news with a new version release of samba? @kendash


New stuff is happening behind the scenes. Lots of cool things. I cant really speak for when any releases will happen but it will definitely be worth the wait :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah haha I check everyday… so excited. Do you know if he will be including any of the sub items feature he had once released a preview of? @kendash


@kendash @JohnS @eddhasaj

Gents thanks for helping. attached is the standard template that has been imported directly from John’s zip file above. I have reattached the template for your reference. Also a screen shot of the the edit “main.html” after a ticket is settled. Note: the HTML tags are missing at the top, only Ticket text is maintained. (36.7 KB)


Wait so you still need help or did you resolve the issue? @satianv


Yes still needing help. Sorry I wasn’t clear with my earlier post.

I maybe missing an understanding of exactly where I need to place the L00 tags


BTW @eddhasaj to answer your question

The answer is… Cheese.Hard lol sorry inside joke… anyway like I said lots of cool things going on :stuck_out_tongue:


haha dont get the joke, but awsome. I have a feeling that he will be including it because it will be improving combo flow alot aswell. @kendash


@satianv sorry but im extremely busy right now and no longer have that setup on my workstation pc. Ill try to find a day to post a tutorial for you. The reason I didnt post any tutorials yet is because I have alot more work to do on it, I want to incorperate a professional digital signage system with samba so just sit tight I will get it soon.


Customer Display with Advertising
Items and Order Tags


I like it. How did you go about doing this? Did you use php? I have a really cool setup I’m working on still that I plan on releasing soon after v5. @arslan

Could you post your code for people please?


@eddhasaj @QMcKay
Check this Please

<l><script src="live.js"></script>
<l><pre><center><font size="6">Total             $ {TICKET TOTAL}</font>
<l><center><div style="width: 90px;font-size: 22px;position: absolute;right: 0;left: 0;background: red;color: #FFF;margin: auto;">ITEMS</div></center>
<l><div style="background: #EEE; width: 400px;padding: 0px 0px 15px 0px;font-size: 14px;font-family: calibri;">
[<L00>----------------------- Notes -------------------------
<li><table width="360" border="0" style="margin-top: -24px;border-bottom: solid 1px #BBB;padding: 5px;font-family: calibri;font-weight: bold;">
<li>  <tr>
<li>    <td width="152"></td>
<li>    <td width="124">Amount Tendered</td>
<li>    <td width="62" style="text-align:right">$ {TENDERED TOTAL}</td>
<li>  </tr>

<li>  <tr>
<li>    <td width="152"></td>
<li>    <td width="124">Change Due</td>
<li>    <td width="62" style="text-align:right">$ {CHANGE TOTAL}</td>
<li>  </tr>
<C00>T H A N K   Y O U

-- Default format for orders
<li><table width="360" border="0" style="margin-bottom: -50px; border-bottom:solid 1px #BBB; padding:5px">
<li>  <tr>
<li>    <td width="30">{QUANTITY}.</td>
<li>    <td width="263">{NAME}</td>
<li>    <td width="83" style="text-align:right">$ {TOTAL AMOUNT}</td>
<li>  </tr>
<l><div style="text-align:left;">

-- Format for order tags
<li><table width="360" border="0" style="margin-left: 17px; font-size: 13px;margin-top: 19px;margin-bottom: -36px;">
<li>  <tr>
<li>    <td width="45"></td>

<li>    <td width="263">{ORDER TAG NAME}</td>
<li>    <td width="83" style="text-align:right">{PRICE}</td>
<li>  </tr>


Hi, I’m trying to follow this instructions, but in my setup I’m having some issues, can anyone help me???. Please see attached file
Screen Printer Issue.pdf (1.6 MB)


Just pointing out what I see…

Template: Screen Ticket - Idle


Template: Screen Ticket - Order
Incorrect placement:




Every Template should have this structure:

<script src="live.js#html"></script>

Rule: Screen Ticket - OrderTag Changed
The event is for Ticket Tag Selected
It should be for: Order Tagged

For your “idle” screen issue not appearing, add a new Rule for the Event called Ticket Closed.

For other timing issues, did you look at the .js file?


This section is incorrect:

<l><script src="live.js"></script>

Change it to:

<l><script src="live.js"></script>


Thanks guys, almost perfect now…

The only issue that has to be fixed now is when I change a quantity or select an order tag, deletes the items from the browser and only displays the one that I have changed the quantity. (slides 7 and 8 of my previous post).

Is there a rule that I’m missing? which event should control this?


Try setting your Print Job Action for Screen Ticket - Order, with Ignore Selected Orders = True, as such …

:exclamation: When changing parameters in an Action, you should remove the Action from your Rules, save the Rule, then re-add the Action to your Rules, and save the Rule again.

If that still doesn’t quite work, make a change to your Template for Screen Ticket - Order, Sort Orders to Last Update Time, as such…