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awesome !!! now everything is like silk !!! Thank you guys !!!

One last thing I would like to know if it is possible:

when closing an order (or just after paid), is there any way to display the screen in the web browser for about 10 to 15 sec. before it changes to the idle screen?


Sure, use an Execute Automation Command Action with a Delay to subsequently fire the Execute Print Job Action for “Screen Ticket - Idle”.

Execute Automation Command Action:

Create a Rule for Ticket Closed Event

Put the Execute Automation Command Action in it, while taking note of the AMCname, because you need to match it in the next Rule.

Create a Rule to handle Automation Command Executed:

Set the Rule Constraint so that the Automation Command Name matches the name you entered into the AMCname field in the previous Rule (i.e. the name used as an example was Show Idle Screen).

Put the “Idle” Print Job Action in the Rule.


Done, now everything works as I want to work. Thanks.


Hello @abekeris. When it is possible can you post us a small clip to demonstrate how it works? Your setup looks pretty interesting.


Here it is…

Customer Display Setup.pdf (918.0 KB)


I think he meant a demo of it working not how you configured it. We are interested to see it in action. How your using it for your business.


working on it !!! will be posted soon


This is how my setup looks like:

  1. Before we log in the system, we have the “closed” screen

  1. Once we log in, screen turns into the idle state

  1. We are ready for orders

  1. First order in place

  1. Ready for next orders

  1. We place a second order

  1. Screen stays for 4 seconds before going into iddle state

  1. We are ready for Payment

  1. We do the payment

  1. Screen stays for 4 seconds before going to idle

  1. We are going to add more things to another order

  1. Ready for Payment

  1. Stays for 4 sec. before going to iddle

  1. Ready for logout


What type of screen are you using? BTW I like your website.



This screens are from my testing environment, those are 23" screens.

Real world in the restaurant the configuration is:

Touch screen computer: Asus ET1612IUTS

Second screen is a 15" 1024x768 4:3 monitor attached to the back of the asus pedestal with an addapted small VESA mount (I have had this monitor for years in my garage !!! but looks great, I will post pictures in another time)


I changed the configuration of this computer, now have 4Gb memory and an 120 Gb SSD, also for performance, it is running “windows 7 embedded posready”, but because I cannot find a license provider in order to buy the license, I’m planning to change it to “windows server 2008 std”


I love this and may copy this idea. Great job!


Tks, that computer has a nice screen for a POS, the only think I don’t like (is just personal), it has a celeron processor, but with windows 7 embeded posready is performing good, originally came with windows 7 pro and from time to time it got slow, so I decided to change it to the embedded version which use less resources.


Well I don’t really need the POS hardware I have a Surface Pro 3 as my POS but I would invest in a monitor for the screen. I like your formatting and how you set it up. It looks nice. PS I noticed your in the USA I see more and more USA businesses adopting SambaPOS that is great. I think we have a huge potential market for it here.


Yes, I’m in the Chicago area, I’ve been here for a little more that 3 years, my company relocated us from Spain in 2011.

I don’t do this for living, is like a hobby, this setup is for a restaurant that belongs to a friend near my house, but I do like it and like SambaPOS. Because I do travel a lot and have contact with a lot of different kind of people (formerly I’m a Computers Engineer w/ a masters in IT management and I work doing data center design/analysis/infrastructure evaluation and DCIM software implementation), I’m offering to help them with their restaurants using SambaPOS (a website and online live database backup to one of my personal servers as additional service).

Countries where I usually go are Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia and also travel inside the US.

Again, thanks for all your support, I believe this software is great. Congrats to the implementers and to all the community people who help us.


The only thing that I’m missing in the software is the online credit card payment. I was thinking in implementing it via web services using the URL printer (just an idea), but I have to work on it.


For your surface 3 pro, do you have a stand for it? if so, can you share?


I use the optional docking station. Its pricy $199 but well worth it to me. The docking station lets me hook it to Ethernet and comes with all sorts of connections. It also charges it. I keep it docked 99% of time as it sits on top of the cash drawer but i detach it and take it home every night.

You can read it in the link but it comes with an Ethernet port, Mini DisplayPort, and five USB ports (three USB 3.0, two USB 2.0)

I am a small mom and pop family owned Dairy Bar in Arkansas USA. Our family has owned this restaurant for over 60 years we are generation 3 running it.

Me and my wife took it over from her parents who were generation 2. First thing I did was update it with a POS. I was prepared to spend money on a POS system and after research I had come extremely close to purchasing a monthly contract with Shopkeep iPad POS but at last minute I found SambaPOS and quickly realized it was better than any pay system furthermore it made a joke of any free open source systems out there.


BTW here is a stand I came close to purchasing. Its built for ipad but it works great for surface 3 as well.

Here is another that I looked at. This one is a very nice locking station.


History of my friends restaurant, he was working in his brothers restaurant but he decided to go by his own and got this one two years ago. He had a regular cash register, so I offered my help to update it…I begun to develope a new pos system by my own, but researching (mine was like 70% finished) I found SambaPOS so I decided to stop developing and go with Samba…simply works great and it’s free