Customer Entity Setting :

Under Entity Customer i have defined some fields and following setting:

Even if Phone is defined as Primary Field, it doesnt appear at the top level when i create a new Customer. I can enter Phone number without Problem. But “Phone” doesnt appear as Label like Name, Vorname etc…

That looks like V4 (or maybe V3, not too sure). If this is indeed the case those are out of support and it is recommended to upgrade to V5 as it’s currently supported and in-development.

Is v3, those rounded buttons give it away, v4 has similar styling to v5.

@Sonnmatt most people in this forum have never used v3 bar a few real long term users, I’d call myself a long term user and my use was only the very first system I did before finding v4 and never since.

In that case, the source is still available to make changes.

Thank for answer

It is in fact Version 4, it is always working well. Suddenly “Phone” label is disappeared. I made some changes in display Format Setting, but no chance. Soon i will update with V5. Need to use V4 for a while.


Those screenshot are clearly different versions?
While not acusing you of anything, it does raise questions as to what the score is?

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@JTRTech it is version 4. i use it always. Working well. My question is why this label is disappeared. I can write phone number, it is working, only field name Is not there.

No idea, try renaming to maybe phone number and see if any different.

Yes your 2nd screenshot look to be v4 but first ones show rounded buttons on entity creation screen which is very v3…