Customer Loyalty Points Module

Is it possible to get Customer Loyalty setup as a module to install? I just saw Sambapos and interesting. I am thinking to buy v5. Customer Loyalty Points is main reason why im changing to a pos system. But 1 hour setup tutorial scared me. I saw on the forum many crash and problems topics after setting up loyalty points. You know i checked other programs and they have basic interface for end users like me. If you need set up something about Customers you go in this section and choose the options. Here labels, values, codes…
I wish there were some ready made solutions for core options like loyalty points. Thanks.

Well your Customer Loyalty setup may not be the same as the next person. SambaPOS allows this kind of customization. Other POS systems do not. You get what they give you and a little customization but then it stops. SambaPOS lets you totally customize it to your business needs so typically we do not get user customization’s in the form of a module. We do have several community members that provide really good tutorials and sometimes database tool files to download.

Following a tutorial is your best route because it also will educate you on how it works and you can learn to support it for your business.

Because there is no other POS solution like SambaPOS it is different and certainly has a learning curve but once you get it you realize its not too bad and it unlocks a powerful customization no other POS can offer.

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This will not be a pre-made solution.
SambaPOS is not trying to be a pre-made fixed setup like other software, it is made to be a flexible custom solution which can seem daunting at first but it is a great system.
It does require a little learning to understand but once you do it can become virtually anything you need.

The reason it’s not pre-built is many people handle it differently.
Point set on specific products, points based on price.
Also how points are reclaimed.
My tutorial I expect you have watched is a fairly basic setup and wouldn’t take that long to put together once you understand the basics of samba.