Customer needs develop

hello Mr Programmer

I am not sure what you have to develop Mr Programmer,
but working with customer details it’s not easy, not easy to import not easy to update not easy to export not easy to do anything.
I installed SQL server to write a SQL query to read the customer detail and to do a small app to send SMS to customer throw my mobile for marketing purpose.
so, the app can read and update the customer details directly from the SQL databases so the sambapos customer details keep clean and up-to-date.


Don’t know what your are talking about. It is easy for me :wink:

It’s not hard, @mhayatlahjust doesn’t seem to want to listen to help offered.
Import not hard, export not hard.

Its actually very easy… i just enter my customer info and bam it works…

@sukasem explain how easy in real life you can read from custom field

The data is stored as JSON, so in real life I’d use any language that includes a JSON parser and read the data in that way.

thanks for all, I am just suggest an idea

what do you mean?

would you mind explain more if u have some link that’s perfect

So, you can make an app but you can’t handle JSON??? All custom data store in 1 field in JSON format. You read the JSON data, parse it and extract what you need.


Ir doesn’t make sense to develop a solution based on your app site I imagine it is closed source and not free. Whereas SQL and JSON and standardised technologies which allow us to interact directly with the data, rather than having to use your property app.

I am 48 my son JSON and JavaScript, not my language.

anyway, my son, i am not programming any code its a ready made Apps and desktop
App you just need to made the connection with DB

i will try to learn JSON in this week

anyway i am working as chef now

I’m 46. Age is not issue. I’m not programmer. Just like to learn.

Anyway, I am working as waiter now :wink: