Customer phone as primary

Hi i have change the option in customer account creating.
as i have given primary field name as Phone and display format as [Name].

in the receipt i cant print customer number.

i did this because if i have same name of two customers then sambapos will not create account it give error saying already this customer is added. so how can i do this need help.

Primary field is {ENTITY NAME}, custom fields are {ENTITY DATA:FieldName}

i am sorry i ask wrong question phone number is not printing in template i gave this tag but its not printing

– Customer entity format
<J00>Customer: {ENTITY DATA:FieldPhone} | {ENTITY DATA:Name}

display format i gave [Name]
primary field name i gave Phone

name is printing but phone number is not printing

You called a field FieldPhone… Seriously do you not listen.
PRIMARY FIELD is entity name, which you say is now number is {ENTITY NAME}
You have move name to a custom field so that works…
Display format is just on screen.

i gave this tag Phone: {ENTITY DATA:FieldName} but no phone number is printing still

Field name is what you called the field, not literally what you put :woozy_face:
And either way AS IVE SAID 3 TIMES NOW it will be {ENTITY NAME} as you have made phone number the primary field ie the entities name.

thank u very much sir

:clap: got there in the end.