Customer Pole Display - Connection Error

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I’m new to Samba POS. I have POS System which Includes Attached Customer Pole Display (Like this picture). how can i test this pole display with Samba POS v4.
In Windows XP I have tried Echo test through CMD. but I did not get any thing from display.
Please give me the Solution to this Problem.

Thanks in Advance.

Your info is to vague to give any answer.
Model: Type:
New or used
etc etc

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You can’t use sambapos4 on windows xp you need to upgrade windows. XP is no longer supported by MS it is extremely vulnerable to security risks.

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Mr @Jesse & Mr @Peter_Cijsouw Thank you for reply

System Model:

Now I’m Upgraded My OS from XP to Window 7.

My Samba Pos working Fine.I want show total cost on customer display and having Issue with Customer Pole Display. that is attached with POS system It’s self. I have tried echo test using command prompt.But no response on display.
(echo test>com2)

How to integrate Customer Pole Display with POS System.
Thanks in Advance.

Very subjective it depends on model and how it interfaces.

This means its probably setup wrong or configured wrong (Not a SambaPOS question). My advice is to research your specific model on google and see if you can find correct setup.

Try this it might help:

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I’m getting really far with setting up SambaPos, but one thing I can’t seem to find the rule/trigger for.

I have only a LED8 display (Only one amount can be shown)

How Can i Display total amount alone on Pole Display.

I need is a trigger/rule that is fired when the cashier presses ‘Settle’. Need to show Total Cost on Pole Display .

As in the Manual Pole Display / Customer Display / VFD you should find your answer, I could not explain more as in the manual.

Did you read the tutorial for pole displays? Show your printer template your.using.

LED8 display from what I found sometimes follow no standards, they are cheap and personally I have no use for them but know they are best avoided. I am not sure if you will be able to get it to work with SambaPOS but if you can find any sort of manual, does it give you info on how to control it? If you cannot get echo test to work from command prompt trying each COM port in sequence, I would guess the display needs some sort of custom command to write (i.e. I don’t think LED8 display is as straigtforward as VFD, it might not be as simple as sending text to the display).

Sorry I can’t be much more help just wanted to mention though that likely anything related to VFD customer display won’t be relevant for LED8 type.

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Also just to mention, the specification says the customer display is on COM6. Is that the port you have been testing?

EDIT: Are you sure it is a LED8 type and not VFD? Because according to the link you posted, I found the PDF brochure ( and it does not have an option for LED8 customer display, all options are for either VFD or LCM (LCD type), all alphanumeric 20x2 characters.

LED8 type is like this image below. Are you sure this is the type you have?

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Actually I have an LED8 display lying around (never used it before). I just tried it out, appears at least from command line it accepts digits and decimal point character sent to it. The 4 lights for price, total, collect, change can be turned on/off using ESC commands.

I found this guide online and the commands mentioned here match the one I have (which is some cheap no brand model - not the model mentioned in the PDF):

So @Thala, so far it does look like it is possible you might be able to get this LED8 display to work with SambaPOS, however please bear with me as I am trying to iron out a separate issue to get it to communicate with SambaPOS.

@Thala on your LED8 customer display, can you do following test for me:

  1. Go to command prompt
  2. Type MODE COM2 2400, N, 8,1
  3. Type echo 12345678>COM2

(assuming connected to COM2, change if different)

Does anything come on customer display?

This works for the model I have

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