Customer Pole Display With Com Port Only

Dear we have acustomer pole display attached to System is only RJ45 Directly to the Machine now as this pole display is not a USB Pole Display is it possible to attach this customer pole display and run in the SOFTWARE is anybody out theree can help me ou

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Have you looked here?

Got it i read Full tutorial of customer pole display in which we have two types serial and com to USB but
1 in my case its not a serial its not a usb

Where are you Plugging that in?
Hope you not forcing it in Ethernet port :-p
I have never set one of these type devices up but believe you would have to have a specificly POS terminal/pc as they generally have additional ports you don’t see on a usuall PC.
While I have never tried - looking at the plug it is over 8 pins (cat5) - how many is it 9 or 10.
Serial is 9 pin so I would expect that these RJ type ports are seen buy the computer as COM ports just like serial cables.
Is there any label on the terminal by the appropriate port - COM4, COM5 etc?

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Thnaks for reply its solved

Care to share what you did?
This has been asked before and not seen a descriptive solution?
Don’t forget to share your solutions :slight_smile:

there is a setting which was provided by the vendor he just installed a driver for customer pole display and change port settings in driver and it was working perfectly.

Do you have the driver?
Pole displays usually dont need much in the way of drivers so would be intrigued to try the driver on one of my test machines with one of these rj45 looking com ports to see if its more like what i expect which is a driver for the port.