Customer Queue Management

Hi guys,

Ive been introduced to the company owner of a coffee shop franchise/chain. They really like what I presented so far and are happy with the SambaPOS capabilities.

However, the only thing they asked me is a queue management system. From my research I see there are 2 types. One is a basic red colour LED display with numbers from 001 to 999 that staff manually input.

Another one is like a little device that vibrates on your table when the order is ready for you to pick it up.

Has anyone had experience with these? Does anyone have a contact where can I order them from?

Any advice would be appreciated!

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No contact but you will find them on eBay Amazon and Alibaba.
Customer pager I think is a term to start on searchs

Thanks for the lead @JTRTech, ll have a look when I get home!

Think you will be unlikely to find anything you can integrate though.

Yes I am aware of that. But they are happy with manual device so it could be a project for the future.

What’s popular here are systems that text the customer. One I’m looking at is hostme I think we may be able to integrate it in future.


Does that mean that you are able to build a database of phone numbers and send them text messages about your deals?

You can do that now with sambapos. This is a really cool wait management system. It remembers your customers and does loyalty too.

Oh wow, I havent really followed up on the newest version releases, could you point me in the right direction?