Customer Receipt 101 for Samba v5

Hi Guys,
New to Samba, just installed v5.0 in my Taco joint in Cambodia. I have a software dev background, but must admit I’m having serious trouble making any sense of the object model for printing customer receipts. Can anyone post a working example template that includes all the standards of a customer receipt?

I’ve gotten as far as printing time, date, table number, orders, price, total ticket price, cannot for the life me figure out how to get order tag names and order tag prices to print…just following the pattern that works for the ORDERS object is getting me nowhere fast. If I’m having this much trouble on that, I’m anticipating deeper issues with discounts, tax, subtotals and so on so I’d be more than appreciative to be taken to school on this one.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

There is plenty of info on this already on the forum, I am guessing you have not tried using the search feature yet? :wink:

You just need to add {ORDER TAGS} in your [ORDERS] section, then create an [ORDER TAGS] section that contains tags relevant to order tags. You can view the available tags in the help on the right side when editing template.

Here is something to get you started, it describes also how to add order tags to the receipt:

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