Customer Receipt Layout

i just noticed my cusotmer receipt does not have the same output as ticket receipt

may i know the reason and how to fix it?

You must have different ticket setups that are set to print for ticket and customer receipt

I have lots of different receipt templates set up to so different ines print depending on the transaction eg normal sales receipt, card sales receipt, refund, staff and custonmer discount, parked sales, gift receipt etc

You need to check you rules, actions and print jobs and see what ticket template you have assigned for each print job

If you have different receipts printing you must have different ticket templates set for different print jobs. If you want them the same you need to make sure the same ticket template is assigned to the different print jobs OR change the action in the rule that is printing your receipts so they are the same so the same print job is being printed when the rule kicks in

The built in Customer Receipt template is not meant to be used as a ticket. You should probably just delete that and make your own.

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so is the built in template for customer receipt is being used…so i will have to change a rule or the template. One more thing i need to clear is that in my ticket template layout i have define the customer entities is nt it suppose to use that?

You can build and put whatever you want in your ticket layout. You have full control to make it look however you want it too. I would advise you just try anything you want until you get the layout your happy with. You can also name them whatever you want.

what i meant was that where is the mapping for customer template is done. is it built in?

You can map it yourself.