Customer receipt shows a number 2 at the bottom of each print

Customer receipt shows a number 2 at the bottom of each print. Here is my code:

-- General layout
<C11>Nelsons Bar
[<L00>NOTE: {NOTE}]
<J00>Subtotal:|{PLAIN TOTAL}
[<L00>CC Info: {TICKET TAG:CCtype} ({TICKET TAG:CCdigits})]
<J00>{TICKET TAG:GCN}|Balance: [=F(TN('{TICKET TAG:GCB}'))]]
<C00>Thank you for visiting          
<C00>Nelsons Bar
<C00>Melville Rd,
<C00>PO4 9TB
<C00>VAT Number: 251 5179 14



-- Default format for orders

-- Format for gifted orders

-- Nothing will print for void lines

-- Format for order tags

-- Table entity format
<L00>Table: {ENTITY NAME}

<J00>Tax Total:|{TAX TOTAL}

Ive changed the topic to V5 Question as this isnt an issue with V5, you have a configuration issue in your template somewhere

what are the codes under your VAT number at the bottom of your receipt? i assume one is a drawer kick code? whats the other, it could be that that number 2 is the first digit of one of those codes being displayed for some reason

Guessing the other is meant to be a cut code maybe.
Move your kick code to a second template, that way you can have more control and will mean print bill wont always open the drawer and you could use that print job on a automation command for a no sale/drawer open button for manager/admin.

no I just have two kick codes there since I have never had the time to remove one. the cut the paper. I have been asked to have it to kick the draw open everytime. So I found it easier putting it into the code. Do yyou think it is the kick code doing that?

My guess is the <cut> command is the culprit. Remove it and see what happens.

You are right, however it doesnt cut the receipt anymore. How would I get it to cut without that command?

try putting cut command above de kick code or go to properties of your printer and there should be a tab where you can configure it to cut paper after every print

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THat didnt seem to cut at all still. Only works underneath the kick code

then try the properties settings that should work :wink:

normally would show you or explain more detailed but dont have my pc with me atm so cant look it up

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If it is for beep this looks like incorrect. Can you try removing this?

PS: 50 is decimal code for 2 character.

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What is the printer model you are using?
I once had a chinese printer that did something similar… I ended up giving up on it and just roll with it hahaha

The printer is a star tsp100eco