Customer Receipt template

Hi Sir,
I wrong put CMReceipt template quoting delected.How can i write back.Could you show me your customer receipt template?


I am sure you can load default template by pressing Load

Thanks Sir.I solved that problem but i have another problem is only i can print ticket print.Customer receipt isn’t print when i closed bill.How can i do it?

Can you explain what are you trying to do? We need to understand what you want to achieve to help you

i am new user.I cannot creat customer receipt template.Only i cam print tick print only.Thank for your time.

You can’t use that template for that. You need to create a new template that accesses entity data from the ticket.

Could you show me an example?Thanks Sir.

Im sure I already answered your question on another topic.
What your seeing is kitchen print there.
By default there isnt a receipt print, you need to add. See your other question…

What your calling receipt is for accounts.
You just need to setup print bill on payment processed.

Thanks Sir .
I am miss understanding.Now everything is gone.Amazing for your support.Thank you so much.Please answer me additional question.Sambapos V4 is totally free?I’m using offiline.Some of my friends using online after one month they can open to pos screan.It’s mean need license fee?Big Thanks.

Dont understand your question. There is no licence for v4, there are some additional modules but unrelated to what it sounds like your asking.
If I had to guess I would say what you need to change is default ticket creation method which by default is select entity. Cant remember if its a department or ticket type option but if my guess is correct you would want to change this to POS/create ticket.

V4 is no longer available. V5 is the current version.

Wow Sambapos is great community and amazing kindness.I would like to say special thanks all.

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