Customer Search does does not provide any results whatsoever!

Hello all!

I have successfully installed and configured v4 all through reading the questions and answers through this forum. The POS system has been working just great from first installation 4 months ago until now.

After searching for 3+ hours for the answer and fiddling around, I have succumbed to posting my first question. I don’t know how to post screen prints so here is my attempt at explaining the issue;

I have as one of my ENTITIES “Customers” and this list has over a hundred entries.

Previously, searching for anything under “CUSTOMER SEARCH” would result in showing all those items that matched the search.

Now when I perform a search under CUSTOMER SEARCH for a particular name I know is within the “Customers” list, no name comes up. In fact, nothing comes up for anything I type!

The strange part is if I create and save a new customer (say Edward), then that customer is displayed under the CUSTOMER SEARCH area straight away. However, if I search anything else (say Andrew) and then afterwards search Edward again, Edward will not show up again in the search results section.

Just to point out, within the ENTITY LIST, I have as the ENTITY TYPE “Customers” so it should be looking at the right entity?

What could be the issue? Your help is much appreciated and eagerly awaited.

I have managed to solve this now.

STATE FILTER within the ENTITY LIST should remain blank.

Hope it helps someone!


It only has to be blank if you want to search ALL entities, if you wanted to reduce the search setting a value would obviously only search within entities with the specified state. Just saying…