Customer Search Phone Number


I am not sure if this option is do able with Sambapos.
I want to create a search for the customer search for the phone number and if there is no phone number, I press add new customer and the phone number that I search is pressed to phone number field in stead of the name field?


You can use Entity screen, set entity type as Customers and select View Mode as Search. Its pretty good by default.

If you have custom process, you will have to make custom automation for that.

Still doesn’t answer my question. I still cannot create a search for the phone number and when we click add new customer, the phone number is in the phone field rather than in the name field…

Hello @aru1gj01,

You can set Primary field as Phone for your Customers Entity Type from;

Main Menu > Manage > Entities > Entity Types > Customers > General Settings > Primary Field > Manually type Phone here instead of Name


I also encourage you to look at it has most of this documented.