Customer selection requirememt

I want to make customer selection a requirement for all tickets. Without selecting customers, tickets will not be able to make payments. Please help.

Try This : Settings/Departments/Ticket Creation Method Drop down - Choose Select Entity.

It’s already there but not working. I want to make customer selection a must for all tickets.

I think without a customer selection ticket will not close , do you mean you want to ask before ticket creation? then you need to customize , not done this but I hope you can achieve with ask question as I will not prefer this method because we get phone orders or counter orders I don’t want to ask them what’s your good name first, and what’s your order. but its all up to you .

That’s been sorted elsewhere… Don’t post on multiple unrelated topics as it helps no one and you won’t get a faster response.

As for customer required you can do many ways.
The way I did last was to add constraints to the close/payment buttons which checks if entity is selected.
Mine is little more complex in that it only forces table selection of food items are on the ticket as being a bar aswell we wouldn’t want to force table selection for serving a pint at the bar.

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I want to track customers. We already have customer database in our system and we know 90% of customers personally. I want to track their records.

My table required setup used a table selected ticket state which is set to unselected on ticket created and set to selected where table entity changed from null to not null and back to unselected if changed to null from not null.
I then use that state to perform restrictions.
I prefer to keep all buttons visible with a static button layout and either disable button using enable state mapping or add additional constraints on the button command rules.
As I like to try and show a message to say why a button is restricted I usually use ask question.
So for example the settle button would have constraints of ticket state table = selected and the ask question saying you need to select a table first has action constraint of ticket state table = unselected.
You could do similar but for customer rather than table entity.

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I choose customers selection required on entity type list. But on the customer selection screen, it shows all customers in small boxes which makes it difficult to select. Is it possible to change that screen settings so I can type customers name and search which makes it easier for this task. Let me know, Thank you.