Customer selection requirement

Hello, I want some important changes to billing. Before bill printing the ticket must have a customer name selected. How can I do this?

Change ticket creation setting to select entity

Manage->Settings->Departments->Edit Department->Ticket Creation Method->Select Entity

Or you have to built a flow and constrain the automation commands relating to printing and paying the bill which is what I did so that a table was required if there was food however drinks only tickets did not require a table as we have busy bar also.

Can you help me with automation commands for these rules; ticket can not be printed and settled without customer selected.

Depends, the easiest solution it create ticket by entity selection as suggested first, for all tickets this is very easy option.
I did differently as didn’t want as requirement for all tickets just those with food.

On settle rule…

What about adding {ENTITY:CUSTOMERS} is null and fire and auction to prompt to add a customer via entity screen?

On phone atm sorry for not being fully explanatory

Can you please explain this a bit more?

In itself is probably not 100% ideal, as the default settle/close flows would be unconstrained you would want to add isnot null constraint to the buttons and create seccond flow based on is null.
You could use action constraints rather than rule constraints to keep in a single rule.

‘{ENTITY NAME:Customers}’ != ‘’
On the settle screen/ payment/print action
‘{ENTITY NAME:Customers}’ == ‘’
On the prompt to say you need to add customer actions