Customer ticket templates

How do i create only customer reciept templates.
Scenario like a hotel has a restaurant and a hotel guest us defined as a customer i want to create customer order, ticket and bill templates to indicate guest name and room number plus signature but only for for defined customers because the restaurant also serves other people. I dnt want the information to be on other clients tickets.
Thank u

You can create a separate receipt template, print job and automate that to print only if it is a customer order.

You can get details on how the printing flow here
Printing Tutorial in Detail

Custom details isn’t an issue as if you use the entity mail merge style unset entities are just skipped.
The signature however is different.
At the hotels here we have room charge as its own payment type and when trying to charge to room an ask question prompts for if guest has signed the bill with an option to print a sign for copy which is a seperate print job.
You could also use ternary on the signature lines in template but would want to account for the final ‘paid’/charged receipt which wouldn’t want signature on it.